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Samantha Sadik has a wide array of experience and qualifications which have lead her to the accomplished artist she is today.

Having had a natural affinity towards the art world since 1997 at the age of nine selling her first sculpture at Perth galleries - Subiaco. she proceeded to hone her technical skills with an Advanced Diploma in Fashion and textiles as well as a Certificate 4 in Visual art and Graphic design.

Growing up, Sadik has always worked in fashion and art , and with her eye for style and composition, combined with her studies allowed Sadik to start her fashion line Femme de Loup.

Art by Sadik stitch of which we see today is a culmination of raw talent, textile and personal vision and ten years or experimenting made tangible.


"Using a single punch hole, I create 5mm holes which allows numerous fibres to weave through and join the canvas back together. When individually pulled to certain tensions, it forces the fabric into an unnatural form"



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